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Understanding Volatility & RTP In Slots

When it comes to slots, RTP is one of the biggest factors considered before choosing a slot to play. While there is nothing wrong with that and RTP is a very important factor, it isn't the only factor you should be looking at. In the world of slots, volatility can be just as influential as RTP, as they often play off of one another.

What Is RTP

RTP stands for Return To Player, this is an average amount that a player can expect to return over a period of playing. Think of RTP as the reverse of a house edge. Measured in a percentage, the RTP will read as what percentage of your wagered amount you can expect to see as a return on average.

An RTP of 95% will see you on average walking away with $95 for every $100 you have put in. The main idea here is that a higher RTP leads to more time at the slot machine and, in turn, better chances at winning a large jackpot. The critical takeaway there is that the RTP is an average over millions of spins, The odds that you walk away with an accurate representation of the RTP are slim at best.

What Is Volatility?

Volatility is the amount of risk associated with the game. Often measured in 3 distinct categories:

● Low volatility - Low volatility are the slot games that will best represent the RTP on a small playing session. Wins will be more common, but also lower in value. For an easy night and sticking to your budget for extended periods of time, low volatility is where you want to be.

● Medium volatility - Medium volatility is the happy middle ground between low and high volatility. Less frequent wins, but more value associated to the wins, Medium volatility is where the average player is happiest. Wins are considerable while not burning through your budget too quickly.

● High Volatility - High volatility are the games with the biggest, life changing jackpots and are perfect for using ZAR Casino coupons to play. Wins are rare, but the amount is much higher than anything else. High volatility is best for the “all or nothing” kind of play style. Your wins have little chance of accurately representing the game's RTP rate.

There is no right or wrong answer to volatility. Your play style, budget and available time will be the best indicators to which volatility you should be aiming for. Best practice would be to have different games lined up depending on the volatility to suit how you feel like playing at the time.

RTP And Volatility Together

RTP and Volatility are both important metrics to take into consideration for the right slots game for you. A common myth is that high volatility is equal to lower RTP, this is not the case. There are high RTP games available in any volatility level, you just need to find the right one for you.

It is important to keep in mind that lower volatility games will show a more accurate depiction of the RTP, with high volatility, the RTP will have less effect on your playing session. Regardless of which volatility level you choose, prioritizing high RTP within that volatility will always be the best move.

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