Nobody Wants to Gamble in Las Vegas Anymore

The early days of Las Vegas saw people arriving in their droves in order to gamble their meagre salaries against the big casinos and attempt to come away with millions. In Vegas’ first 10 years the number of visitors to the resort city skyrocketed, with over 10 million making the pilgrimage to the desert in 1977 spending in excess of $1 billion that year, over $600 million (60%) of which was spent on the tables.

Moving closer to the current day and the numbers are changing quite drastically on the strip. With nearly four times as many people paying a visit to Sin City at 39 million in 2017 their spending habits have changed. Of the total $9.9 billion earned in revenue just 34% was used to gamble, making it clear that a large proportion of people prefer to play online blackjack as opposed to the real-life counterpart.

To see the full breakdown of just how much has changed in Vegas, see our infographic below:

      Casino Name Bonus Play Now
150% Bonus
100% up to €100
€600 Bonus
200% Bonus
€1000 Bonus
100% up to €200
€1000 Bonus
100% Bonus
200% Bonus