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3 Advantages to Playing a Nitty Poker Style

Online poker affords players the opportunity to adopt different personas. People can play differently on any given day, and try new things to maximise their winnings, have fun or exploit opponents. In the modern era, a wild and loose playing style is the aspirations of most aspiring professionals. But how realistic is it to win regularly playing this way? Moreover, is this a style that new and even intermediate players should be using to earn the most, particularly when mobile gaming.

You stay in the game longer

Playing nitty will mean you won’t bust your bankroll quickly. Most new players lose their deposit very fast. This is because they risk too much with subpar hands or overplay hands like second pair after the flop. If you play a nitty and risk averse style, you will avoid the recklessness most beginners fall victim to.

If your goal is to gain experience and stay in the game, you could play nitty in conjunction with using a poker spreadsheet to track how you are doing.

Your bluffs are more likely to work

It’s well established that playing tight has great benefits. The best of which is the ability to make bluffs. If you are playing very few hands, your players will notice this and give your raises more respect. This means that when you make a post-flop bet or a pre-flop three bet, your opponents will be more inclined to fold. This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage and get some easy steals through.

This works very well in tournaments and particularly the deep stages where players are more attentive to their opponents playing styles. Picking up tournament chips on bluffs is a necessity and if you have a tight image, you will have a better shot.

You will have fewer tough decisions

One of the most challenging aspects of playing the top poker variant of Texas Hold’emis the tricky spots we find ourselves in. When you’re facing a re-raise on the turn with top pair, average kicker or second pair on the river when it looks like your opponent is bluffing. These tricky spots are less frequent when you are only playing premium hands.

Generally, if you are playing ace queen, ace king, king queen and pocket pairs, your decisions are likely to be quite straightforward. This is music to ears of new players who fear making big errors. If you’re new to poker and concerned, playing this nitty style will help you at first. You will be more comfortable, stay in the game longer and get bluffs through.

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